Comfort Living Heating & AC, LLC


HVAC Light Commercial Installation

Together we partner with Industry Leader’s to take big building concepts by extending them into solutions for individual smaller offices, office complex, townhouse, condo, duplex, triplex or sixplex application. This provides us the ability to offer our Local Business Community  a wide range of comfort solutions for each unique space often found in light commercial buildings. We can package together products that help balance comfort, efficiency, data tower control, as well as specifically design the needs of your conditioned business space. Maintenance Agreements can not guarantee the breakdown of equipment however it can extend the life of the equipment by providing proper operating conditions, scheduled filter replacement to improve indoor air quality, quarterly service inspections all tailored for you the building owner. 

HVAC Mini Split Installation

Modern Technology brought us the Traditional HVAC Split System. When modern technology was reinvented it brought us the Ductless Mini Split HVAC System. This allows us to install new HVAC Systems in a Historic Victorian Home without Traditional HVAC, a Modern Loft, or those Specialty Design Conditioned Spaces without compromising the cosmetic appeal of the conditioned space while achieving Optimal Comfort.

HVAC New Construction

Home Building in today’s Evolving Modern World has changed over time as Home Buyers push for Energy Efficiency Improvements to the overall build of their home, Fresh Air Home Ventilation to Home Automation Control. Keeping up with technology changes, industry/state/city/county code changes, along with ACCA Load Calculation standards plays an important role in providing optimal Comfort Living for the home to be constructed to meet it’s specific building materials within it’s climate region. We develop relationships with our Local Home Builders to provide a Quality Designed/Installed HVAC System to meet the required needs of the conditioned space while achieving ascetic appeal to the home after construction. We can design customize a HVAC System for your home custom or spec, large or small, urban or modern, city or rural; the HVAC System is designed for your Comfort with a Room-by-Room Load Calculation.


HVAC Replacement Installation

As Home Owner’s when our existing HVAC System begins to see an age of life expectancy  we find ourselves thinking of unexpected downtime, escalating utility cost with the impact of what an inefficient system has on the bottom line, running equipment to failure will entail increasing service costs, as well as personal anxiety of it all.  With planned capital replacement together we can focus on energy efficiency along with cost savings opportunities while gaining peace of mind in the process. When upgrading to today’s Energy Efficient Systems your taking a step into Modern Technology Reinvented in the ever changing world. Today’s significantly more efficient systems improve operations while cutting expenses.

HVAC Remodel - Construction and Installation

In many cases HVAC Systems in existing homes are created using rule-of-thumb methods in lieu of using ACCA Manual J, Manual S, Manual D Load Calculations. Industry Practice like this will result in owner complaints of temperature differentials throughout the home as well as excessive noise caused by air velocity that exceeds distribution. Weather it is a direct home owner or a local developer looking to re-purpose the existing conditioned space or completely blow out the attic to incorporate additional conditioned space we professionally analyze the existing HVAC System to compare it to the proposed reconstruction of the conditioned space to make an honest assessment for Optimal Comfort Living with in the newly created conditioned space. This giving the end user overall concept to our design in comfort to compliant the interior design of the conditioned space.

HVAC Manual J/Manual D Load Calculations

When a home is to be constructed it is expected for that home to condition the space properly. The first step to achieving optimal comfort performance is to use a ACCA Certified Load Calculation Program. Manual J Methodology accurately determines the total amount of heat loss/heat gain through the exterior of a home in the cooler months compared to the warmer months. The HVAC Designer enters a series of calculations to analyze all aspects of the thermal characteristics of every wall, floor, ceiling, door and window along with factors such as the homes geographic location, orientation to the sun, envelope tightness, duct leakage, lights and appliances, with the amount of heat/humidity that each occupant of the house adds to the interior of the home. Room-by-Room Load Calculations provide calculations for each individual room within the home that as well as determines the Manual D Calculation determing the individual duct sizes to assist the HVAC Designer in creating the overall layout of the duct system. Whole House (Block) HVAC Load Calculations are commonly used to determine the correct HVAC equipment size and match-up that  is required when replacing an HVAC System in an existing home. 

Arkansas Children's Hospital NWA Commitment

What began as a customer appreciation grew into a commitment to the Children of Northwest Arkansas. In 2006 Comfort Living Heating & AC began a 10% Discount Program on Service Calls to local customers of Bentonville, AR in appreciation for their support of our company. In time that program branched to the surrounding area while then prospering into a Loyalty Customer Discount to all our customers. With the dawn of the digital age we were able to track our ability to give back to the Community of Northwest Arkansas. This began the creative process to build new relationships that will allow us to continue to support the local community along with creating a Commitment to the Children of Northwest Arkansas through the Arkansas Children’s Hospital NW located in Springdale, AR. The local community will receive a in house 5 % Loyalty Customer Discount along with a Letter of Recognition for their support in helping us  pay it forward to contribute back 5% Arkansas Children’s Hospital NW. The Commitment is still together within the Local Community; only now it has bonded us all together.